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Baby Diary


In old times, when a baby was born, all parents prepared a baby diary to keep down all the precious moments.  That was when the social group apps like Facebook or Line were invented.  Nowadays, it seems that the role of baby diary has faded out and parents uploaded stories and photos only online.  However, a well-designed baby diary is still having its practical function especially on the quality of baby care and on the parent-caregiver communication.  In Taiwan, every registered nanny is required to keep baby diary everyday.  Some nannies might feel it bothering at first, but when they find out how it could help with the job done, they feel rewarded keeping the baby diary.A high quality baby diary has at least the following functions

1.  Helping the caregivers get to know the baby’s development:
Though each baby has unique developmental stage, some essential milestones need to be reached at certain biological age.  A well-designed baby diary is often with developmental tables or charts for caregivers’ fast reference.  This effectively increases awareness for early intervention.

2. Bridging parents and caregivers

While many modern parents are busy, they often relay on other caregivers to baby sitting young ones.  Caring baby is a very delicate and professional job, and any information could be critical.  Specially designed baby diary has different sections for different records.  Everybody taking part in baby care can use the baby diary to enhance communication.

3. Keep down precious baby moments

Though many online tools have replaced many important roles baby diary played before, there are still some fans of the “old fashion style”.  The baby diary “book” is easier for reading and is still loved by some parents.

4. A good record of self-growth

When a baby is born, a parent is born.  No body is born to be a good parent.  Baby diary helps a parent to tract his / her improvement in the parenting role. 



There might be so many other benefits of keeping “professional” baby diary and here are some techniques of doing it.


The quantitative records

The quantitative records often show in chart or table.  Information including how many hours baby sleeps, how much milk baby takes, how the body temperature has changed can be written this way.  This information can be of special useful when a baby is not feeling well.


The qualitative records

Sometimes, it is not easy to show enough information simply by writing down numbers.  Baby’s developmental progress is often the case. For example, if a baby is looking at the mirror and sees a spot on her face, she wipes it off from her own face.  This is a critical stage called “self awareness”, which means that she is aware the image in the mirror is herself instead of someone else.  Episode like  this requires more descriptive messages.  Professional qualitative records are often the key value a caregiver can present.


Specialized baby diary is making baby care professional and fun.  Why not making a good habit when taking care of your loved ones.

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