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Pregnancy Care


Pregnancy is the phase when a woman undergoes the greatest changes in her whole life.  During the 40 weeks, the growing baby inside her makes a woman a whole new person, and even changes the way she moves, which Shakespeare calls, “proud walk of pregnancy”.   However, the external changes only speak for very small parts of inter transformation, which is taking place.  

The uterus increases 5-6 times in size and about 20 times in weight by the end of the pregnancy.  Maternal blood volume gradually increases 35-50 percent.  Cardiac output increases 30-60 percent.  There is a 15 to 20 percent increase in oxygen consumption.  All these physical and emotional impacts of pregnancy and of the coming motherhood career can be very dramatic and need extra care.In the April Nuturer newsletter, 2016, we discuss the role of massage in the pre to post natal period.  Massage, as a form of caring women in this special life stage, has been there for centuries.  Modern research has proved its functions in keeping women healthy in the pre to postnatal stage.  

Massage should not only be seen as a “paid service” in the professional institute; instead, it should be a form of communication among family members.  If a woman starts to receive massage from her family members once she is preparing for the pregnancy, she is very possible to carry on this tactile tradition in her family.After the delivery, besides massage, yoga is often another thing a mother would choose to do in order to keep fit.  Our columnist, Naveen, also an experienced postnatal yoga teacher, reminds mothers to mind the importance of doing “Kegel exercise” consistently.  The muscle tones of a mother need appropriate workout to go back to its proper state.  Mothers should also be very patient about the progress of her own body, as the hormones that influence a woman’s body won’t completely fade until 2 years later.


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